Thursday, June 30, 2011

small letterset printing

These two days I started to work with small metal letters and a machine that I believe is called Bostonpress.
With the Bostonpress you can print small formats, but it's mainly used for manual postcard printing.

As I forgot to take a few snapshots I will do that in the next few days :D

Currently, I'm arranging some letters for the Bostonpress and I can say that it's not hard, but you have to put all the letters in a frame and fill in all the empty spaces in the frame so that the letters cannot move...and that's quite a feat :) Then, the frame goes on the machine's frame holder and you administer some paint on the round, plate-like part of the machine and watch the magic be done :)

Yeah, and btw. - one thing is constantly in my mind today...what I noticed that Estonians evidently like to do-they change some words that are the same in all languages and that only by one letter. For example, bank-pank, taxi-takso, billiard-pilliardi...that's kinda funny to me, even though it's stupid to mention it.Hahahahahaha...well, never mind. Seeya!

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