Sunday, June 26, 2011

Review #1

As it's Sunday today and the last day of the 4-day break; I have nothing new to report because I haven't worked at all :)
So, I'll fill in this blog post with my thoughts on my 3-week life in Estonia.

When I first came, I was euphoric and happy about my EVS having succeeded and didn't realize my surroundings yet. As time passed and as I saw more and more of the Estonian culture and the habits of people here, I started to feel a bit uncomfortable-as an outsider. Well, I guess this is normal for someone coming from far away.

As I met many people here and found a few friends it was easier for me to accept everything and force myself to realize the situation I'm in. By doing that I made my life easier and started adapting to the life here.

Now I can say that Tartu is my home, I don't feel homesick, of course I miss my family and friends, but as I'm not bound to them, I just need to stay in contact with them...that's all.
I won't generalize Estonian people anymore because that wouldn't be right...I passed that stage already.
So, there are cold and closed Estonians as well as's not a rule of whereabouts.

In the near future I'd like to visit other parts of Estonia and experience other aspects of the Estonian culture, to be more understanding and motivates for my constant life here. So far I have been only in Tartu and visited only the countryside outside Tartu (and I really, really like it :D )

The only negative thing in all of this is that I still don't have my motivation for learning the language, but I hopefully will (in the middle of July, when I start my language course)...this is one of the things that you can't really influence and can't force yourself into...just like playing an instrument. I have plenty of "why is that so" explanations, but I don't need to explain myself...all's well what ends well, right? :D

I will keep adopting and I believe during my year of stay here everything will be ok.



  1. Your english has improved. Don't forget croatian language. I hope to read more stories soon.

  2. Thank you mr. "what was, was was!" hahahahahaha...
    I neću zaboraviti hrvatski, bez brige :)