Saturday, June 4, 2011

Tartu, Estonia

After I came to Tartu, it just can't stop amazing me :)
The whole town has wi-fi network, free internet access wherever you are.
The people are totally different and you can't understand absolutely anything from the city signs.
The day lasts about 22, almost no darkness at all...and that was the most shocking thing.
The city is known for it's mostly students population (and there are really a lot of them).
One of the things I still can't get used to is the Estonian love for going to saunas at 100 degrees and then jumping into cold -20 degrees water...maybe I will try it sometime, but definately not now - because it's still just too strange.

Of course, the people are friendly and I got a great reception here, but the one thing I didn't like at start, but probably will get used to are a hell of a lot of mosquitos...they are really everywhere, especially in the countyside.

OK, I'll be uploading some photos later...until later, then :)


  1. The free wi-fi, the saunas and the mosquitos! what a start ... :) and soon the learnings and discovering of new things .. Add more stuffs here, I will surely follow and enjoy your stories.

  2. thank you Mel :)
    I appreciate it :D

  3. Sounds like an interesting place, indeed!

    22 hour days, free wi-fi all around, saunas... I definitely could go without the mosquitos, but everything else sounds fantastic!

    enjoy your journey! =]

  4. @♥N: I could go without them too, but I guess they are a thing you should get used to...because I will be seeing them around for quite a while ;D.

    Thanks and arigato for the comment :)

  5. Nice start dude ;) I bet many people envy you :D
    I wish you much fun, learning and discovering ; looking forward to your next posts ;) enjoy

  6. thanks Mišo! I won't disappoint you ;)

  7. From the Hosting organisation side it has been great to finally meet Goran after so many months and failed attempts.
    We are settling in day by day, task by task, but I am glad that he likes where he's ended up and I will do my best to make him feel at home (but not at home at the same time ;).
    And I am looking forward to reading these reflections for all the months to come.