Sunday, April 29, 2012

3rd poster - done!

After approximately six long days of work on it, I have finally finished the poster No. 3.
It has been a pain indeed, especially because I had plenty of complications and troubles with the four cliches. But regardless the problems, I have now fulfilled my quota for April - which was to print 3 out of 5 posters. That leaves me 2 more to go, of which the next - 4th one will be very simple (simple as the panda poster).

 already underlayed letters - it took me 2 days just to underlay everything :(
 the first (bad) black/white print
 the frame for this poster
 the first good black/white result :)
 getting ready to print the first colored poster
 and smashing success! :D
 THE 5
+ Gutenberg - he really knows where to lie :P

And so...the 4th poster coming up soon :D.


Thursday, April 26, 2012

3rd poster under development :)

I have been preparing everything for the next poster for a few days already. Making the linocuts, cliches, choosing letters, underlaying them, fixing the pressure problems with the Frankenthal...well, a lot of work.

I have finished the cliches and they are almost ready to be used for printing - the only thing left with them is to clean the carvings and polish it afterwards. I have to finish underlaying some more letters as well...but the main part of the work is done. Tomorrow, I'm gonna set it up and test print everything together...we'll see after that what next.

All in all, the plan is to make the black/white poster tomorrow and once I get the white paint we're missing, I can make the final 5 in color. :)

 carving the first linocut - the Japanese kanji for Peace
 already test-printed
 voila :D beautiful!
 second linocut - kanji for Freedom

 and second test
 Third kanji for Equality

 3rd really nice result :D
 the final, 4th linocut -  kanji for Unity

 and the final test-print
 all 4 together

and me - the master calligrapher :P

 and the linocuts
 first test-print of all linocuts made into cliches (glued on wooden blocks)
4 cliches tested one on each side :)

After this part, I have to deal with the text I will use for the poster...but that, together with the final poster results - will be posted in my next blog update :P


Sunday, April 22, 2012

Poster #2 Complete!

After 4 days of working on the second poster, it's finally done!
I decided to use 6 different colors and that made it far more complicated than it originally was...cause if you want a fast result (not wait for a week for every color to dry), you basically need to remove every word out of the frame, apply paint on it and put it back...carefully so it doesn't touch the other words with other colors. Approximately, it took me about 45 minutes to apply 1 round of paint...accompanied with a lot of issues, of course.

 5 colors + black which I was using. I was very happy with the result of light blue and violet :D
 First time getting violet INTENTIONALLY xD
 this was the last black/white test print. Everything underlayed properly. :)
 the colorful frame.

 and voila - the first multicolored poster.
 the 2nd out of 5 final EVS posters :D
 the 5 chosen ones - I actually printed 27 additional posters while testing and editing...but only these 5 in color after I've seen that I'm ready to print the last ones.
and a view with Gutenberg as well :P

So, 2 done and 3 more to go. Tomorrow I'm starting on the 3rd one and final for this month. That will leave me 2 more for May and my EVS is completed :D.


Thursday, April 19, 2012

Poster #2

I have set the frame for the second poster. Initially, it was supposed to be much simpler and quicker to print, but as I had some complications, I had to redesign it and therefore make it more complicated.
Now I need to do a round of underlaying and test print it again.

 all the letters I used stacked together.
 set in the frame, first test.
 first result - the "DIVERSITY" part has been moved a bit left, so it's centered with the text now :)
 tools I am using :D
 and the extra materials I replaced or didn't need
with the biggest roller we have and a bottle of turpentine for cleaning :)

There is still a lot of work to do with this poster, as it will consist of 6 different colors. That alone should make my life considerably more complicated :P

Oh well, so be it. I want to make it right.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Success!!! 1 done, 4 more to go :D

I have finally printed the 1st out of 5 final posters. After I set it up in the machine, it took me around 9 straight hours to get results which are good enough. All the issues that came up in the process considerably prolonged the printing...and the worst of all being the Archimedes logo and the last row of the text. But, never mind that - it is finally done.

 the second printed poster, not acceptable cause of that smear near the EU flag

 the locked frame with applied paint, ready for print
 managed to get one ideal letter height - 23.64mm :)
 20 failed posters, all printed today during the course of 9 hours
 and at last - the 5 chosen ones...which will be exhibited wherever they will be exhibited (in Estonia and Croatia :D )

And, a few pictures of me working (as I can't take a picture of myself, I caught Lemmit and asked me to take a few photos :P)

So, 4 more to go! Tomorrow I'm gonna start setting up the second one :D