Tuesday, November 29, 2011

back in Zagreb

Yesterday, I came back to my brother's place from my grandmother cause I'm leaving for Serbia in 3 days.
It was great to see that my family is doing fine :)
Soon, I'll be pausing my vacation and resuming it after the stuff that I have to do in Belgrade are done.
Until next time, when I'll actually have something to say :)


Thursday, November 24, 2011

8 days until Serbia

So, soon I'm going to Belgrade for my 20-days volunteering project.
I'm still at my brother's place and enjoying my time here :)
Playing games in my free time - what would you want more? :P

Monday, November 21, 2011

a new week in Croatia

I'm here 6 days already and I'm still stuck home cause of the sickness.
I can pretty much guess what's the reason for that. I see that coming here this way wasn't the best way, but well, what's done is done.

Well, hopefully, I'll completely recover very soon, cause it has been lasting for almost a week already.
All of this came as a shock to me, to be ill for the first time in 10 years :)

Never mind, you don't bitch over spilled milk...so, I'll just wait for it to pass.


Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Back in Croatia

Finally home!
The trip was very exhausting and I ended up with some throatache...but everything will be allright and be back to my original self in a few days.
These days I will be at my brother's place and later I'm going to my grandmother.
I'm very happy I'm finally here cause the trip took really forever - 27 hours in total, so until yesterday I didn't sleep much for 3 days.

Well, until further notice, I bid you farewell...time to enjoy my vacation!

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Tomorrow - Time to leave

Ok, tomorrow night I take my leave :)
Before that, We'll have a workshop in the printing museum...so, afterwards, I'll be preparing mentally for 26 hours of travel.
This is the last blog post of this year in Estonia...and I will, of course, continue writing it in Croatia, too :)

So, wish me luck!

I bid you farewell for now :D

Thursday, November 10, 2011

in the office-alone

For the first time during my stay here, I have been alone in the office all the time :)
Lemmit has gone to Spain for a meeting and he'll be probably back tomorrow. Madis, on the other hand, has gone to Viljandi due to his university duties.

So, that leaves only me...I'm not lonely or something, but I'm just not used to be here alone all the time XD

In 3 days I'm gonna leave, so all this doesn't actually mean anything :)
I have to do some last checks, go through the travel itinerary once more and decide what to take with me.
I believe tomorrow everything will be ready and I'll be waiting just to take my leave :)

Btw. Tomorrow is 11.11.'11 - What will happen, I wonder? :P

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

5 final days

Together with this day, there are, all in all, 5 days until my departure.
Lemmit has gone today on a meeting in Spain and he'll be away for 3 days.
During these last days I have to really try hard to find what to do...cause I'm lazier than usual and during this time, I find my PSP very appealing cause time passes very quickly while playing games.

So, 2 more posts before I leave...and then I'll still be keeping my blog updated every two days as usual...but in Croatia, not Estonia. :)

Sunday, November 6, 2011

only 7 days left!

And here it is - 7 days until my vacation :)
There are no more "big" events before I leave, which is good cause I will be able to stay in the "easy" atmosphere and mood :)

In a few days I'll check everything about the itinerary and the tickets...just to be sure I don't forget anything.

These following days I'll work around the printing museum and help Madis with whatever if he's around.

I can hardly wait the time of my departure :D

Friday, November 4, 2011

the Zombiewalk day

Today at 7 p.m. starts the Zombiewalk, an event in NELK.
I am not participating in it, but I was cleaning the big hall before and the antechamber today.
Now when everything is pretty much clean, they can start holding the event there.
After the event starts I will start scanning the museum guestbook, cause it would be a good idea to have a digital version of that and do other office work :)

I'll have a little break now, go eat and then get onto business :)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

research about halloween scary music

Internet is full of junk...that's a fact!
I have a task to find some scary music for the Zombiewalk event and I was able to find very little...there is just too much junk!?!?!
I can't seem to find anything nice, and my perfectionism definitely doesn't help in that XD
I am searching for already 3 days and I found a few so-so songs and everything else is crap...not even a good movie OST!
Well, whatever...I'll just submit what I have and get done with it XD