Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mission complete!

And I finally completed the underlaying of one entire font: the uppercase, lowercase and numbers-everything.

Other than that, today we have rearranged some machines (very heavy) in the printing museum and moved the drawers with bigger wooden fonts and metal fonts near the smaller ones so there could be some kind of an order.

Now, I only have to test the letters if they were underlayed correctly (that is my tomorrow's job) and after that we'll see. :)

In the next month there are a few events I want to take part in and I have, as well, decided that somewhere in July or August I'm going to visit Helsinki (depends on when will I get my residency permit and ID card) because I just have to!

As my language course won't start before 18th of July, I have plenty of space for events, exhibitions, concerts or whatever...but I have to find something interesting first :P

Head aiga for now :)

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