Saturday, June 4, 2011

The beginning of my adventure


Well, who would say that flying in airplanes could be that fun :)...I took 3 flights from Zagreb to Tallinn (Zagreb-Budapest-Riga-Tallinn) and everything went OK until I've entered the Riga international airport.
The flight schedule was very tight so I had to hurry...but of course, something went wrong.
The passport control took more time than it should have, and because of that - I missed my flight to Tallinn.
This was just the beginning of my trouble. Fortunately I got an another ticket because it wasn't my fault, but I had to wait for 6 more hours until the time of departure.

First thing I had to do is inform my host about the change of plans so as I had only a Croatian phone, I needed to use a payable telephone. I changed 10 € into Latvian "santimu" (cent) and use I did and then the phone broke, eating my coins - well, just my luck!

All this was solved eventually and I came safely to Tartu the same day at around 10 p.m., but I will remember it only for it's positive parts, as my first flight adventure.


  1. I't all positive ;) You are gathering experience and after all, you arrived safe and "in time" :D Enjoy and post a lot ;)