Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Resuming the work

Yesterday I was mainly concentrated on working on the guilliotine (for chopping papers, not heads XD), so-cutting paper to certain size, making the covers and binding the notebooks together. As the Hanceatic-medieval days are coming near (that's like Giostra in my city in Croatia), we have to do lots and lots of postcards, notebooks, posters and other stuff.

Today we had an old guy, former printer, show us how the "big green machine" works (I don't know what's it's name XD) so we could be able to make big posters too.

Here is the big green machine:

 This is the old guy :). He was calibrating the machine first.

 then test printing
 the tools for calibrating

 and the outcome :). Trükimuuseum means printing museum...and the date you all understand, I suppose :P

This machine was used in the past for printing and is now supposed to be history...but we will take care of it so it won't be forgotten.


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