Saturday, July 2, 2011

Assembling the huge photo camera

Well, the time has come for that scattered equipment pieces to be put together again :)
The process was quite long indeed, but we did it.

 Yes, this is how it's written in estonian, hehehe...XD
 moving the parts around and making space to assembe the machine
 the guy to the left is a specialist for this kind of things and the guy to the right 
is my future colleague-he will be the leader of the graphics workshops
 we needed to lift this big part horizontally

 this is the camera objective-believe it or not :)
 preparing the holder for the screen :)

 trying to connect the very heavy console with the very heavy "other part"
 (I don't know the name for that XD)

 moving the objective

 we lifted this one horizontally into it's holder too

 the screen in it's place

 lined up-console, objective, screen

 setting the lights

and that was my working saturday :) Now there's much more space in there and it looks way better :)


  1. Hi, Goran. How's it going?
    Those pictures are nice, you took it with your new camera?
    It seems you have( and your bold friends on photos) many things to do.
    I hope to hear you soon.

  2. Yeah, we are busy. These photos were taken with my Sony Ericsson Xperia X8, 3mpx camera. ;)

  3. Nice. On the last post(with photo of a estonian national flower)those pictures are very artistic( just kidding. While people ,like me, are sweating on the resultes to sum up what's gonna be my final job, you are posing with your God's damn flowers.Don't take this comment to personal, you know I am just kidding.

  4. but it's the NATIONAL flower! You have to pay it some respect :D