Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Day 1 & 2 at the printshop

These few days were especially interesting for me because I have learned some important things about the printing museum where I'm volunteering and I'm starting to understand how it works.
Well, I have tried my hand at making notebooks and liked it, found out how is the spiral binding done and actually, all of this is not hard-you just have to maintain your concentration.

Today we (the museum) had a workshop with creating little notebooks (which I was preparing, btw :D).
There were a bunch of kids with their teacher and a few volunteers (I guess they were volunteers) and the kids were choosing letters for their names to be printed on the notebook cover. It was quite funny watching them rushing over each other. My job there was to clean the big wooden covered-in-paint letters with turpentine and wipe them clean and dry so they could be used for the next-in-line who needed the letter( because there is limited amount of adequate letters, ofcourse).
I had two roles in this play: the first was to be the above-mentioned and the second one is a photographer :)...so I did my job as best as I could :)

Tomorrow, my host and I will be embarking on a quest for obtaining the residency permit from the authorities...and I hope we won't be returning empty-handed because in bureacracy matters there is always something missing, so I'll be arming myself with a hell of a lot of papers and try to beat them in their own game:)

Until the next post, I leave you be. :D


  1. And indeed we conquered the bureaucracy with documents to spare. Now we keep our fingers crossed that no errors are found in processing and Goran can soon show off with his fancy digital-signature-enabled Estonian ID card.

  2. and I will...be sure about that :P