Thursday, July 21, 2011

visiting a nature centre and a museum

Yesterday after language class, we went to the Kiidjärve looduskeskus, the ants preservation centre and Põlva talurahvamuuseum afterwards. It was quite a nice trip and it was beautiful weather (and pretty hot) so we were really lucky it wasn't raining :)
We had a powerpoint presentation about ants in the centre by a guy adequately called Ants (yes, it's his real name XD )

 and then with the buss to the ant preservate

 some of the people have been gathering blueberries btw.
 and some of them had more luck :)
 can you guess what this means #1 ?

 this was our fountain of youth, which girld needed to test :)

 and the park-museum in Põlva - a pretty cool place

 this lotus flower I like the most - the Räpina flower
 the peasants' house
 a well and Brad - our American friend and fellow eesti keel colleague
 can you guess what this means #2 ?
 a froggy...if you can see it (brown one)

 pipes aren't allowed...and cigarettes are apparently XD?
 a pretty nice old font - Lemmit, what do you say? :)

And today, visiting the Estonian National Museum - Eesto Rahva Muuseum I took a few photos and really enjoyed the ambient (it kinda reminded me of my library where I used to work in Croatia :D)

 two hard-working peasants :)

 the national Estonian dresses

 and an old fashioned TV - I can't remember when I last saw something like it :)

Well...all in all, it was quite fun and I'm always up to visits of this kind :)

Ok, that's all for today. Seeya!


  1. seems like you had a really great time there, ne?
    the view are very lovely there
    and the museum! aaa now I really want to go there, I love museums as they kept tons of stories..
    and the old-fashioned tv is cool btw! haha


  2. hehe, yeah, it was quite cool. I like museum visits :)