Monday, July 25, 2011

visiting the Estonian Printing Museum

Well, my class has visited the printing museum - my workplace today and Lemmit has shown everyone around.
It seems that even the language school staff was surprised because they never heard of it before :)
I think it was quite nice for everyone cause they didn't seem bored at all...nice job Lemmit! :D we went to the police station to finally get my residency permit and the ID-card...and ofcourse, as usual in bureaucracy, we were turned down at the counter with the excuse "that, yes, I did get the residency permit, but we still have to recieve the notice for the ID-card". Rubbish...I mean, why bother to send an e-mail with "your residency permit is done" without having it ready??
Oh well...additional few days of waiting won't kill me, I guess...

Until next time!


  1. Printing museum... was there something extraordinary about their printing machines, like something that set them apart from printing machines from other countries?

    I'd be interested to see what an Estonian police station looks like. ;-)

  2. as far as the printing museum is concerned - I believe it is unique because it still uses machines which are forgotten history be now...and I don't think that there are many of "museums" like this in the world. I do work there so it's really something unique :)

    and the police station in Estonian is quite modern, as Estonia is really a high-tech country, there is less waiting in rows and pretty much everything is done electronically :)

    tnx for the comment :D