Tuesday, July 12, 2011

First freak-out XXD

Today I was working with small letterset printing and I was making a layout for a postcard on which will be a part of a poem and a clichey (an imprinted "shape")...some kind of more complex work.

Now, I thought it wouldn't be a problem at all, cause I have already made some layout frames before...but NO, this one was totally screwed up (or at least I screwed it up XD). It took me a lot of time to choose the font I wanted to use and make the layout with it...only to discover I have positioned everything in a wrong way and the frame couldn't close, it wasn't even straight. Then my troubles started... As I'm a total beginner in this and I don't understand the widths and heights completely yet, I started shifting and changing position, half of the letters fell from the line and everything went wrong-it was horrible; a true chaos :)

My initial assignment was to make a postcard with the part of a poem and a chirch clichey, both in different colors...and that's why I need shifting, because I'll need to print the text in one color first and then the clichey in the other color-all in the same layout.

So, as I don't want to write only the great and interesting POSITIVE experiences...here is one negative and frustrating.
BUT, as this is a part of the learning process, I am not expected to master everything in two weeks, so I accept my lack of knowledge and hope I will do better next time :)

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  1. Learning by doing...(even mistakes)