Monday, July 11, 2011

Review #2

So, I'm here for 41 day already...time has really passed fast :)
I got a better insight into Estonian culture and people, learned a lot of new things, made a lot of friends and improved my english. As a real lot of things still have to happen/occur/take place, I'm looking forward to each and every one of them.

There are practically no negative aspects of my stay here and I'm thankful for that.
I hope that the rest of my stay will be like this or even better!

As I still haven't said it - European Union - thank you for this fabulous opportunity! Without you, it would never be possible :)

I'll see you guys in a few days when I'll, hopefully, have something to write about.


  1. Tell me about Estonian food. :P

  2. Well, as I understand, their national food are potatoes ( as south Europe has pasta and Asia has rice).
    Major part of the cuisine is mixed with Russian.
    A lot of meals have many types of creams and spices, (and a lot of onions) ;)
    I don't really know if they have a kind of an traditional Estonian meal, but I know that everything I tried here was very tasty;)

    Of course, they have everything usual (steaks, french fries, hamburgers...) but as I've seen, they tend to eat healthy food ;)