Monday, July 4, 2011

trip to Meleski

Yesterday I went with a friend and my colleague in Meleski village, about 60 km south of Tartu.
The countryside was once again breathtaking :)

 me holding the estonian national flower :)
 the blue cornflower - estonian national flower
 the second biggest lake in Estonia - Võrtsjärv 
a really beautiful place :)

 my friend Marilis relaxing and enjoying the sun :)

 Madis-my colleague from NELK
 the observatory with Madis and Marilis

 Emajõgi river - a cool shady place but lots of bugs and mosquitoes :)

after sightseeing we went to the local glass museum (and I'm thanking Madis for this, because I would probably never know about that place, because only the local people know about that :D )

 some local church, which is really nice from the inside

 the memoriam for the local casualties in the war
(right side of the church)

 a very nice organ

 in front of the glass museum

 little glass figures

 I really liked the blue and purple glass shards (glass sand) :)

 beautiful glass swanns

 "deformed" mugs XD

 glass pig #1 :D
 glass pig #2

the abbandoned old glass factory repurposed for concerts :)

this was some random concert and the guys were very good - they played spanish acoustic music :D

It was a very enjoying trip and I hope there will be more of these :D

Goran out.

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  1. Nice place! i like the 'glass pig' .. :D