Friday, July 15, 2011

Something new

And finally something new - after I completed my assignments with postcards which, btw. look quite nice (if I may say so):

 these are the four types of postcards I have been doing a lot :)
 This one was pretty hard to make...and I made 45 of them (made the text first, then the clichey of the Jaani church)

 this is the clichey of the church whose layout I made...
...and printed it on this machine - the Bostonpress
(and btw. that plastic glass contains machine oil, hence it's not my drink XD)

After those I started these again:

 the scalpel and the measuring "thingie" XD
and the glue and the sand paper

to prepare the letters spelling "STRAWBERRY FIELDS FOREVER" (my host's idea :D) and print it on a big  poster together with a big strawberry clichey in the middle.

this is reversed text (if you get distinguish them regardless the sun)

Today I have completed the preparations for printing and made the text frame and format and tomorrow we will probably test it on the huge Frankenthal machine.
I'll upload the result :)


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