Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Number four on the go :P

I have finally got an idea for the 4th poster and I started preparing it for printing today.
I already said it will be as simple as the Panda poster...and it will!
It will have 5 words in connection with the topic in a column and the first letter of each of the words will spell PEACE. For the purposes of this poster, I have created one more linocut - this time a DOVE, a symbol of peace :).

 here it is :P
 the previous version tested
Me and Kalju ruined the first dove cause we screwed up the white space around the bird. After that Kalju quickly made a new one and the only two differences are that now there's no space between the dove and the blue background and the olive branch she has in her beak will be white, not blue as before.
 final step - underlaying the cliche
all the letters have undergone the first round of underlaying

After this stage follows the setting onto the frame and centralizing everything. I hope I'll be able to finish the poster tomorrow, total of 2 days, cause the design of this poster is very simple and it shouldn't take me too much.

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