Thursday, May 17, 2012

final 2 weeks in Estonia

The time has come for me to buy the return plane ticket :)
I'm leaving on the 29th of May, early in the morning.

Until then, I still have to be around and do stuff in the museum. Today we're actually having a short-ish meeting regarding the Museum night in 2 days as there will be a workshop in both the printing and the paper museums. Lemmit says it's a more important workshop than usual, but I don't really care cause as far as I'm concerned my EVS is done...and I'll just be my usual self, like on any other workshop - that is just being around and helping people which need assistance. All in all, whatever happens, I just won't allow to be pressurized cause as I said - the last thing which I was supposed to do here, the final project, I did 20 days before the deadline and hence, made an unplanned gap in which Lemmit now can squeeze additional help requests. Oh well, guess it's fine. 

Almost 12 months have passed since I started my EVS, a lot has happened and I am really happy I chose Estonia as my host country. I'm sure I will return someday, at least to see my friends here.

Cheers for now!

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