Friday, May 25, 2012

Final EVS review

The time has come to write my final piece of mind. It has been a fabulous experience full of beauty, enjoyment and friendship...a life-changing experience which is acquirable only by living with the people, hanging out with them and learning their ways.

I thank the European Commission for giving me such a huge opportunity, even though nobody else might understand my life here in Estonia and the use of such a rewarding adventure. Unfortunately, people today are blinded and deafened by the urge to acquire financial profit to that extent, that they choose to ignore the clear wide sea of possibilities. Maybe most of the possible paths do not bring financial security, they are much more rewarding...and I can't emphasize that enough.
What has been given to me is so unique that in a one-year period (at maximum), you can get time for clear thinking and reasoning, a job that suits you best, full financial and moral support, all the necessary tools for personal development, the basics of a new language, an opportunity to get into (be a part of) a completely different culture - which is an immense gain in itself and much, much more...all that for a simple price - your motivation, devotion to the tasks and willingness to make a difference. This is the ultimate volunteering chance, this is a pure, perfect example of how it really should be. Of course, the European Union still has a long way to go - but at this stage already, all the other nations and world governments should be taking this as a guideline because with this form of volunteering, by giving the volunteer all the support, one can actually make a difference and break all the stereotypes about nationalities (as it was the case on my service). Meeting so many different people makes you feel like a real citizen of the world and encourages you to accept and believe that all the people are different, yet equal...that everyone wants the same as you - to love and be loved. Never mind the world has gone astray - with our time and devotion, it can change once again to the better. There is always a way!

As for the final stage of my service, my final project - I have created 5 posters which were already exhibited on the 73rd Trans Europe Halles meeting in Slovakia. There is a permanent exhibition in the Estonian Printing Museum as well. Finally, they will be exhibited in other places in Estonia and Croatia too, as a creative work which is imbued with the power or equality, diversity, anti-racism and peace. Every poster has a story behind it, cause it was created with my mind set on the message it gives.

The first poster consists of a panda picture and the text which is written in a modern, direct manner. The panda symbolizes purity, as it is an animal which is so pure and simple. On the other hand, not only that the text I chose to accompany it is funny (in a way), but it is actually true - cause pandas really are BLACK, WHITE and it is a perfect example of a living creature which is so preciously unique and loved, yet hated by none. This is a great example of human folly, as we were all created to live in harmony, not to fight each other but to resonate with each other in unity.

The second poster is a simple choice of words which has a strong meaning - The words (or better say - phrases) are written in multiple colors which is an obvious connection to diversity and the text itself, as a whole, is somewhat of a description of the word DIVERSITY...that's why it is dominant in both color and positioning. So, with my own words I wrote that the definition of "Diversity" is: Understanding individual viewpoints, accepting differences, dismissing prejudices which ultimately fosters harmony. At least I believe it should be like that.

The third poster is my favorite. It presents, at the same time, a harmony of the four elements and the fact that those 4 kanji symbols: peace, unity, equality and freedom easily go hand in hand. Other than that it also contains my personal touch cause I really appreciate Asian culture and am deeply in love with seeing that poster being created by my own hands plus actually making the kanjis myself really do make me proud :). The chosen text for the poster can be easily connected to the 4 main words on the poster, cause it is an altered version of a famous saying: "the grass is greener on the other side". I decided to change it to "where there are no sides" so it is unique and completely compatible.

The fourth poster and the simplest of all is the dove poster. As you all know - the dove is a symbol of world peace and it is depicted mostly with an olive branch in it's beak. I decided to use that symbol after I already had the text...which, as a vertical crossword puzzle, each word's first letter assembles the acronym it was only convenient to use a dove for the picture. Short and simple, yet beautiful :).

And last but not least - the Chuck Norris poster. As you might already know, Chuck Norris is the main protagonist of the past TV series Walker Texas Ranger. I used to watch it as a kid, as well. His massive positive approach to everything and an enormous sense of justice has made him the most fearsome and honored law enforcer on TV. Jokes about the strength of his "roundhouse kick" are still ongoing as he is thought to be stronger than even God :P. I decided to use his portrait on my poster cause of his fame as the whatever he says MUST be the truth. That's precisely why I made it look like Chuck Norris really did say to DEFEND EQUALITY! Other than that, I wanted to start and finish my series of poster with somewhat of a pun (seemingly on first sight, but with some quality behind it).

After finishing this year of informal learning, I cannot help but wonder where I will end up next...cause it is clear to me that there is no future in Croatia. If I happen to come across something similar to EVS, I will definitely take the chance and go on a new adventure wherever it may take me. I have long decided that I do not want to spend my life as common folk do...I don't say I'm special or something, but I just say I'm very different and I'm not willing to spend half of my life working mindlessly to have something - there are lots of different possibilities and after all, I'm just 21!

I'm yet to see my next course of action, but that will happen once I come back home and "test the ground".

As for the conclusion, I will quote my most favorite game character - Yuna from final Fantasy X-2:

"So much has happened. And I'm sure it's only the beginning. Through the smiles and tears, through the anger... and the laughter that follows... I know that I'll keep changing. This is my story. It'll be a good one."

Good night everyone!
All the best from GORAN HORVAT:D

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