Thursday, May 3, 2012

Poster No. 4 COMPLETE! Final project almost clear! :D

Here it is...very simple 4th poster. Finally managed to keep my promise of simplicity :P

 all set for printing the 4th poster
 the first (ugly) b/w result
 and the relatively good one :)
 and the first one in color
the 5 posters good enough to be exhibited at a later stage

As you can see, the design is indeed simple, but nice (at least for me :P).
It is quite obvious that the first letters of the 5 words assemble PEACE in the first column, right? :)
The planning of the 5th and final poster will be started tomorrow after I disassemble the form and put everything back in their place :). The idea is already there, so no need for pacing around this time :D


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