Tuesday, May 8, 2012

5.8.2012. EVS PAX final project COMPLETED!!

After cca 1 month and 10 days, I have finally competed my EVS final project. With this done, there is nothing more for me to do - this was the ultimate challenge of my service here in Estonia.
Here are all the 5 posters together, my pride and joy :)

The PAX series of posters:
1. Panda, anti-racism
2. Diversity
3. Kanji 4 elements
4. Dove, peace
5. Chuck Norris, equality

The idea of the fifth and final poster took me a week to materialize and only 2 days to put together and print...but nothing could have gone without complications, of course :)
For this poster I wanted to make the text in dark teal color (the one between green and blue) and I think I made it right :)

 This linocut is the only one I couldn't make, so I needed help from a professional - Kalju.
The reason for that is simply cause this time it's a portrait and as I don't know anything about making portraits, I didn't know which lines I should leave and which not.
 Chuck Norris, the linoleum version :P
 This time I have used the only font of metal letters we have in the museum, all the other fonts are made explicitly of wood. All set for first print.
 This time, the letters were surprisingly even, so the only horribly uneven thing was the cliche!
 Teal color - maybe you can't really see cause of the light, but it actually is :)
 Setting for the first poster in color
 and voila! - the first colored poster (ignore the cross, that's just sunlight :P)
 and all 5 Chuck Norrises :P, final 5 of the final poster
 + me

These are all the cliches I used during my final project. 6 of them made by me - the panda, 4 kanjis and the dove. The others are the 2 official EU logos made by lasercut in Tallinn and the Chuck Norris portrait made by Kalju.

So, now afer I did my job, I can concentrate on my own business and appear in the museum from time to time :). The only things left to do related to my EVS are to write the YouthPass certificate and buy the tickets to home :D.

That's it for now! Cheers!!


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