Sunday, April 29, 2012

3rd poster - done!

After approximately six long days of work on it, I have finally finished the poster No. 3.
It has been a pain indeed, especially because I had plenty of complications and troubles with the four cliches. But regardless the problems, I have now fulfilled my quota for April - which was to print 3 out of 5 posters. That leaves me 2 more to go, of which the next - 4th one will be very simple (simple as the panda poster).

 already underlayed letters - it took me 2 days just to underlay everything :(
 the first (bad) black/white print
 the frame for this poster
 the first good black/white result :)
 getting ready to print the first colored poster
 and smashing success! :D
 THE 5
+ Gutenberg - he really knows where to lie :P

And so...the 4th poster coming up soon :D.


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