Thursday, April 26, 2012

3rd poster under development :)

I have been preparing everything for the next poster for a few days already. Making the linocuts, cliches, choosing letters, underlaying them, fixing the pressure problems with the Frankenthal...well, a lot of work.

I have finished the cliches and they are almost ready to be used for printing - the only thing left with them is to clean the carvings and polish it afterwards. I have to finish underlaying some more letters as well...but the main part of the work is done. Tomorrow, I'm gonna set it up and test print everything together...we'll see after that what next.

All in all, the plan is to make the black/white poster tomorrow and once I get the white paint we're missing, I can make the final 5 in color. :)

 carving the first linocut - the Japanese kanji for Peace
 already test-printed
 voila :D beautiful!
 second linocut - kanji for Freedom

 and second test
 Third kanji for Equality

 3rd really nice result :D
 the final, 4th linocut -  kanji for Unity

 and the final test-print
 all 4 together

and me - the master calligrapher :P

 and the linocuts
 first test-print of all linocuts made into cliches (glued on wooden blocks)
4 cliches tested one on each side :)

After this part, I have to deal with the text I will use for the poster...but that, together with the final poster results - will be posted in my next blog update :P


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