Monday, April 9, 2012

First two final posters

I have started (and completed the preparations) for the 2 out of 5+ posters for my final project.

Here are some pics:

 stacked rows of letters after being measured and tested on the poster template

 Get the idea, right? :)

 This is the template. The main idea is to fill the entire A2 poster with anti-xenophobic quotations and make it assemble the symbol of peace in the middle. Those black pieces of material I'm using just for the template and calculation.

 a few of the quotes I'm using

 and in the meantime, while I was preparing the next font to use, Gutenberg - our cat thought that drawer was meant for him to lie on it xD

 and after that, he went to sleep xD

That was the idea for the first the second one:

 so the idea for this one is to take this panda, ...
 ... trace it on linoleum and make a lino-cut (carve the picture out). This was my first time doing this :) 
 with this tool

 Then it was cut and glued on a wooden block...a.k.a. we made a new cliche of a panda.
 and printed it with this...
 to get this :)

which I will use together with this text (currently mirrored, as it has to be)
This already exists on the internet, but I had to use it cause it's brilliant. All the other posters I'll make, including the peace symbol are my own design. Everything will be printed on the big old green Frankenthal printing machine.

That's it so far. I will be posting my other poster ideas and final results as I come up with them.


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