Saturday, April 14, 2012

Failure #1

So, I got the European logos and I started preparing the frame for printing of the first poster. After 3 hours of setting, I locked it and even managed to position the frame in the machine correctly, so that the margins are the same on all sides. But of course, it couldn't have been done in first try, so half of the letters have to be underlayed one by one. Today, I underlayed the panda cliche, one of the EU logos and a few letters in the first two rows. I will continue this there is a lot more left to do.

The 2 EU cliches we got today
 everything set and locked in the Frankenthal
 first fail xD...half of the letters need underlaying
a scalpel, scissors, PURPLE glue stick, "the measuring thingie" and a letter to be underlayed. :)

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