Monday, April 16, 2012

Success!!! 1 done, 4 more to go :D

I have finally printed the 1st out of 5 final posters. After I set it up in the machine, it took me around 9 straight hours to get results which are good enough. All the issues that came up in the process considerably prolonged the printing...and the worst of all being the Archimedes logo and the last row of the text. But, never mind that - it is finally done.

 the second printed poster, not acceptable cause of that smear near the EU flag

 the locked frame with applied paint, ready for print
 managed to get one ideal letter height - 23.64mm :)
 20 failed posters, all printed today during the course of 9 hours
 and at last - the 5 chosen ones...which will be exhibited wherever they will be exhibited (in Estonia and Croatia :D )

And, a few pictures of me working (as I can't take a picture of myself, I caught Lemmit and asked me to take a few photos :P)

So, 4 more to go! Tomorrow I'm gonna start setting up the second one :D


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