Friday, September 2, 2011

meeting with CS-ers

Yesterday was a great day for me cause I have met two wonderful people - Heli (a local Tartu girl) and Atsushi (a Japanese student). Atsushi was here for 2 days and Heli was hosting him through CouchSurfing.

I had a truly great time, cause they are very funny and interesting people...especially talking to Atsushi. I even took him to the Chinese restaurant :)
After our lunch, we went to Heli's house where her sister made an apple pie for us.
A truly fulfilling day. Thanks guys, I really appreciate it :)

 me and Atsushi-san

 Heli's place, having a nice conversation :)

 me and Atsushi-san talking :)

Definately some quality time spent :)
Hope to see you again sometime, somewhere :D

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