Wednesday, August 31, 2011

new glasses :D

Yesterday I finally got new glasses :). Waited for about a week and now I can finally SEE. No more excuses for miscutting paper :P

They are a bit bigger than my last ones, and they are "gun metal" silver (yup, that's their name - gun metal XD)

Anyways, now that my sight is a lot better, I am in the process of making the preparations for a new that is one thing I didn't do much. These days I'll be concentrated on that and working in the office with Madis.

And last but not least, the news is that I'll probably go with Madis and Lemmit to Tampere, Finland to get new huge scissors for the printing museum:)...that, if it will happen, would be one of my biggest dreams come visit Finland :))

Cheers until next time :)

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