Saturday, September 10, 2011

Posterprinting day

Tomorrow will be the posterprinting day when we'll actually print some posters and it will be open for anyone can come and see :)

I have completed translating the webpage to it's the turn for Italian, starting from Monday I'll take that as my next assignment.

The third important thing is that I have been working on a game strategy guide and as I had an unbelievable amount of inspiration on that...I have written a total of 120 pages of pure text which, when put together with the pictures and all the tables and charts will have a lot more than that. Therefore, I have analyzed the game completely and now (after one more editing and checking) I'm ready to offer the guide to the game developers as the official strategy guide cause they still haven't made one :)
I will be considering that option and hopefully make the final decision by the end of next month.

Well, whatever I decide, I am proud of myself cause I have proved myself that I have one more talent - the gift of thorough analyzing :)

Until next - chow time! Gonna buy something tasty and a huge chocolate...cause I have earned it fairly! :D

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