Thursday, December 29, 2011

review from Krapina

So long, my stay in Serbia and Croatia have been fantastic :)
I have worked for 20 days in the REX cultural centre, seen all of my family and I'm still enjoying my rest of the vacation in the christmas mood!

When I come back to Estonia, I already know that I won't be sorry that I decided to do something like this and I can only thank my great host Lemmit for making it possible :)
As he said himself - not many EVS volunteers get a chance like this, to do what I have done.

This was a kind of a test for me as see if I'm capable of organising everything by myself, without anyone's help and I am proud of myself with this accomplishment :D

There is one thing I haven't done yet...which demands much more time, but I believe in myself and my resolve.

Cheers from Krapina :)

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