Friday, December 9, 2011

Report from REX

I have been here for a week already and my experience is nothing but positive.
Everyone here is really friendly and talkative (as it's supposed to be in South Europe :P)
Dusica is really a hardworking person - a true workaholic.
Like, she was sick a few days ago and she kept calling the office all the time cause he was worried about the preparations of the event which was taking place...:)

Milica and Jovana are other 2 colleagues I work with and they are great people, too.
The centre is a lot smaller than NELK and the place is really overcrowded. The office has too many people inside, really XD

There is an another EVS volunteer here, Anna. She speaks advanced serbian and everyone can talk to her normally...

I see that the standard here in Serbia is low... the salaries are really low and the prices are the same as in Estonia and Croatia, so Serbia is not really a perspective country to live in.

The city of Belgrade is quite dirty and big, it is cleaned only once per week.

I visited a few other cultural centres here and I have been exploring the city, so I know my way through the city already...I can't lose myself anymore :)

Ok, that's it in short.
Another report coming up :)

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