Tuesday, December 27, 2011

the 100th post

Woohoo, I have reached 100!!
So, as the holidays are still around, I'm still at my grandmother's place and will be here until the 6th of January.
After that I'm leaving to Zagreb again and will be around my brother until the date of departure - the 11th.

Ok, bye for now :)


  1. aha that's fun... i was looking for some volunteer's experience in REX and I found your blog and you have been to Tartu, too! I visited the CCC in Tartu last year, douring the Trans Europe Halles meeting and it's nice to read something about the "normal" life in the centre.
    bye bye
    Anita (volunteer at Interzona, a cultural centre in Italy)

  2. Hi Anita!

    yeah, it was great at REX, I really liked it there :)
    I definitely recommend that centre for volunteering :)

    all the best,