Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The EVS "inspection"

I have learned that, on the 2nd of April, there will be people from the National Agency coming to the Printing Museum to check out how my project is going. I was lucky (?) to have my project chosen as the one they are going to check out. Not only that, but Eesti Noored, the National Agency, has been chosen as the National Agency which will be checked out as well...so I will have 5-6 official people coming to the museum. Well, I'm not exactly worried since I have the answers to all of their questions, since I have been here for 10 months already, but again - I would like to keep the low profile until my project does finish.

Other than that, on Thursday two deputy mayors will come here as well, to have the building and the activities introduced by Lemmit...so in that occasion, all of Trykimuuseum and NELK volunteers should be there.
And that's pretty much all the news I have now.


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