Friday, February 17, 2012

Review #5

It has been 8 months already - time sure does fly.

I can now say, from my rich experience, how is life in the North. I have been through the harsh Estonian winter when it was even 31 degrees under zero. I know how Estonians live, think, I can feel and completely understand their lives here. It has already been a wonderful experience in this "Winter Wonderland" as my time is slowly coming to an end and I'm positive that I will never forget it.

Even though there are still 4 months to go, now everything has become a daily routine...but nothing has lost the initial interest - I am still interested in all of the stuff we're doing here and still participate in most of the events and workshops.

Now I am a young master printer and know my way around pretty much everything - I can show people around, show them how to make stuff and be there for them as a contact person.

For the remaining few months I will do my best in keeping my focus to the cause and complete this expeience as best as I possibly can. :)

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