Wednesday, February 1, 2012

4 months to go :)

A whole new month is in front of us :)
I expect many good things will happen during it, especially my private projects I've been working on lately.

I've been doing some stuff for Madis in the office and helping with some stuff in the printing museum, nothing special.
These days I'm constantly searching for European funds and communicating with people around the world to be able to acquire valuable contacts and possible partners in the future.

I have been here for exactly 8 months already (6 in Estonia, 2 in Croatia/Serbia) and as I have only 4 remaining - I should really do my best in these upcoming months :)
Ok, I'm gonna continue working so I can keep my promise to well as the promise to keep updating my blog every 2-3 days, as I have done up to now :D


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