Thursday, November 10, 2011

in the office-alone

For the first time during my stay here, I have been alone in the office all the time :)
Lemmit has gone to Spain for a meeting and he'll be probably back tomorrow. Madis, on the other hand, has gone to Viljandi due to his university duties.

So, that leaves only me...I'm not lonely or something, but I'm just not used to be here alone all the time XD

In 3 days I'm gonna leave, so all this doesn't actually mean anything :)
I have to do some last checks, go through the travel itinerary once more and decide what to take with me.
I believe tomorrow everything will be ready and I'll be waiting just to take my leave :)

Btw. Tomorrow is 11.11.'11 - What will happen, I wonder? :P


  1. I consider 11.11.11 to be lucky =], plus the movie The Immortals comes out that tomorrow, so I'm kind of excited.

    3 days left in Estonia. Will you come back?

  2. :)
    Yeah, I will come back.
    This is basically my vacation and project-making business trip it will be business and pleasure :)
    I'll be returning in about two months.
    And of course, continue updating my blog from down there =)